Meeting Rooms

The Parker has a Community Meeting Room which measures approximately 29’ x 41’ with has a seating capacity of 100 people and kitchen amenities (i.e. refrigerator, microwave, sink, and coffee pot) available for use so that Dracut residents can have the greatest possible access to educational and cultural opportunities. The meeting room is available for educational, informational, recreational, and civic reasons. The meeting room is not intended for private or social gatherings such as weddings, birthday parties, funerals, etc. Political meetings are also prohibited.

Use of the meeting room does not constitute the endorsement of organizations or the points of view expressed by those organizations, by the Town of Dracut or the Library. No advertisement or announcement implying such an endorsement will be permitted.

Any group wishing to use a meeting room must be sponsored by a Dracut resident over the age of 18. Preference for the meeting room use is as follows:

1. Library Use Group sponsored or co-sponsored by the Trustees, the Moses Greeley Parker Memorial Library, the Friends of the Dracut Library, or the Town of Dracut.

2. Civic Group Non-profit, public service group. A locally-based, educational or cultural group. A local, state, or federal government agency is a “Civic Group.”

3. Non-Profit or Charitable Organization Group has 501c3 tax status, but is not a “Civic Group.”

4. Social Group Group not legally-incorporated meeting for a cultural, artistic, or educational purpose.

Please refer to the Meeting Room Policy for more information about the use of our Community Meeting Room.

Meeting Room Policy & Application

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