Meeting Rooms

The Meeting Room Policy has been formulated to ensure that Dracut residents have the greatest possible access to educational and cultural opportunities. The meeting room is available for educational, informational, recreational, and civic reasons. The meeting room is not intended for private or social gatherings such as weddings, birthday parties, funerals, etc. Political meetings are also prohibited.

Use of the meeting room does not constitute the endorsement of organizations or the points of view expressed by those organizations, by the Town of Dracut or the Library. No advertisement or announcement implying such an endorsement will be permitted.

Any group wishing to use a meeting room must be sponsored by a Dracut resident over the age of 18. Preference for the meeting room use is as follows:

1. Library Use Group sponsored or co-sponsored by the Trustees, the Moses Greeley Parker Memorial Library, the Friends of the Dracut Library, or the Town of Dracut.

2. Civic Group Non-profit, public service group. A locally-based, educational or cultural group. A local, state, or federal government agency is a “Civic Group.”

3. Non-Profit or Charitable Organization Group has 501c3 tax status, but is not a “Civic Group.”

4. Social Group Group not legally-incorporated meeting for a cultural, artistic, or educational purpose.

Meeting Room Policy & Application

Reservation Process

Reservations may be made in person, fax, or traditional mail with the Library Director’s office. A submitted application starts the reservation process. Reservations are booked on a first come, first served basis. The Library will confirm the booking of a reservation to complete the process.

Reservations by outside groups may only be made six months in advance. A group or sponsor will be limited to 12 reservations per calendar year. The Library reserves the right to move a booking, and the Library/Town is not liable for any losses resulting therefrom.

The meeting room is available after closing if it is reserved in advance and there is available staff to supervise the building. A $50 fee per staff per hour will be assessed to the group and will be payable at the time of the meeting. Staff will be paid a full hour for any part of an hour worked. A group having a booking should notify the Library Director’s office of any cancellation at the earliest possible date in order to free the meeting room for other groups.

The Board of Library Trustees or the Library Director reserves the right to refuse or cancel any reservation if deemed in the best interest of the Library or the Town of Dracut. The Library/Town is not liable for any losses resulting therefrom. Meeting Room Description The Community Meeting Room measures approximately 29’ x 41’. The room has a seating capacity of 100 people. Kitchen amenities (i.e. refrigerator, microwave, sink, and coffee pot are available for use.

Guidelines for the Meeting Room

1. All persons attending a meeting room shall comply with all requests of Library staff and—if applicable—the Dracut Police and Fire Department.

2. Under no circumstances may the use of the meeting room interfere with the use of the Library by other patrons, the work of the Library staff, or any other aspect of normal Library operation.

3. The Moses Greeley Parker Memorial Library and the Town of Dracut will not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to personal property of group members while on the premises.

4. All meeting room use shall be open to the public. No person shall be excluded from attendance except in order to comply with occupancy limits, or because their presence negatively impacts the health and/or safety of others.

5. Equipment, supplies, or personal belongings cannot be stored or left in the Library before or after use of the meeting room.

6. All events, including clean-up, must conclude 15 minutes before the Library’s closing. A $50.00 fee per staff, per hour, will be assessed if staff is detained beyond closing.

7. Applicants are responsible for the set up of the room. The room should be returned to its original condition upon of the conclusion of the event. The Library provides a vacuum and carpet sweeper. A minimum $50 clean-up fee will be assessed and more will be charged in cases of unusual wear and tear.

8. Smoking and alcohol consumption is not allowed on the premise, except where a liquor permit has been obtained by the Town of Dracut and all requirements for such use have been met.

9. No material or signs may be attached or affixed to windows or wall surfaces.

10. All events are cancelled if the Library is closed due to emergency or inclement weather. It is the group’s responsibility to determine if the Library is closed and to notify possible attendees of the event. The Library/Town is not liable for any losses resulting therefrom.

11. A group must comply with all federal, state, and local laws including fire/health codes and regulations.

12. Any infraction of this policy may result in the loss of meeting room privileges for the group or sponsor.

13. Any exception to the policy must be approved by the Library Director or the Board of Library Trustees.

14. The Board of Library Trustees or Library Director reserves the right to require that a group/sponsor supplies a certificate of insurance licensed to do business in Massachusetts, in such amount and in such form as the Board may reasonably deem appropriate, naming the Board as additional insured, and covering damage to the library building, grounds, and collections, and injury to persons occasioned by the event.

15. The Board of Library Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy, and to rule on situations not specifically covered herein.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees on February 8, 2011 Amended by the Board of Library Trustees on December 9, 2015

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