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Meet the Board of Library Trustees…

The Board of Library Trustees consists of five members elected for three-year terms. The Library Director is an ex-officio member of the Board and is the executive and administrative officer of the Library on behalf of the Board and under its review and direction.

For more information on the role of the Board of Library Trustees, see the TRUSTEE BYLAWS.

Photo of Gretchen Mayall Gretchen Mayall, Chair [term expires 2024]

Gretchen started her first term in 2018. She moved to Dracut from Illinois 1997 and fell in love with the library immediately. She started volunteering with the Friends of the Library nine years ago and felt becoming a Trustee was a natural progression. She received her MBA from Rivier University in 2017 and has been in the financial services industry for 20+ years.

She and her husband David have four children. One is a school teacher, one a Reference Librarian at another library. One son is in Sales and the youngest is a student at UMASS Lowell.

Photo of Dr. Linda Trouville  

Dr. Linda Trouville, Vice Chair [term expires 2026]

Dr. Linda Trouville was born and bred in Dracut. Having been raised in the Dracut school system, Linda developed a strong relationship with the Parker Library in her elementary school years, when the library was housed in a closet at the Collinsville School. Dr. Trouville has been a teacher, Director, and administrator in the Dracut school system. She has utilized the town library for close to 70 years and has gained a firm knowledge base because of this relationship. She enjoys encouraging students to spend more time investigating the library and what it has to offer.

Photo of Brian Flaherty Brian Flaherty, Secretary  [term expires 2024]

Brian Flaherty and his wife Lynn moved to Dracut when they got married in 2005. One of the first things he did when he moved to town was to obtain a library card when the library was at its temporary location at the junior high school. He didn’t have cable or internet at his house for the first couple of months he was living in Dracut, so the library was a lifeline to news and information!  Brian developed a strong relationship with the library as a result and his five children are now frequent patrons of the library and it is one of their favorite spots in town. Brian is a social studies teacher at Central Catholic High School in Lawrence.

Photo of Linda Lambert Linda Lambert [term expires 2024]

Linda was born and raised in Dracut and has held a library card since she could first write her name. The library has always been a very special place for her and she visits it often. Linda has a degree in Social Work and has been employed as a Paraprofessional for Dracut Public Schools for 23 years, working at the Campbell Elementary School. She often reads young adult and childrens’ books in order to make recommendations to the students she works with. She loves to encourage them to visit the library and check out not just books, but all the amazing programs it has to offer. Linda has served on several town committees, including the Dracut Scholarship Foundation, The Veterans’ Park Concession Stand Committee, and the Dracut Cultural Council. Linda and her husband, Jeff, have two grown children. She looks forward to serving the town as a Library Trustee.

Photo of May Paquette Marietta “May” Paquette [term expires 2025]

May has been a lifelong resident of Dracut and she and her husband, Norm, have three sons. May received a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Lowell Technological Institute and an MBA from the University of Lowell (both now known as UMASS-Lowell). She currently works in Financial Operations. May has served the Town of Dracut in various roles in the past, her proudest and most rewarding being the 9 years she spent on the Dracut School Committee and 10 years serving as Chairperson of the Veterans’ Memorial Park Development Committee. The Committee, working with the Town, planned, designed, and oversaw the development of Veterans’ Memorial Park. May looks forward to beginning her new role as a member of the Board of Trustees and working with the Board to oversee the vast programs and resources that the library has to offer.

The following Massachusetts General Laws apply to the Board and all actions that they may take.

MGL ch 78, sec 10 – dealing with how the town selects trustees, elections and makeup of the board.

MGL ch 78, sec 11 – dealing with the powers and duties of a trustee.

MGL ch 78, sec 12 – requiring Trustees to make an annual report to the Town on receipts and expenditures of the library.

MGL ch 78, sec 13 – dealing with  the non-applicability of the previous sections to library associations and libraries organized under special aid.

MGL ch 78, sec 33 – requiring the trustees to adopt a written policy for the selection of library materials.

MGL ch 78, sec 34 – requiring the Trustees to be responsible for preparing a written employment contract for the Librarian, detailing the basic conditions for employment.

MGL ch 41, sec 109 – dealing with the resignation of town officers and residential requirements for holding office.

MGL ch 41, sec 11 – outlining the requirements a town must take to fill such a vacancy.

MGL ch 30A, sec 18-25 – explaining open meeting law, executive session and requirements of record keeping.

MGL ch 30A, sec 20 – allowing for a presiding officer in an open meeting to remove unruly persons.

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