Home Delivery

Dracut residents who are unable to come to the library due to a permanent condition, or a temporary condition that will last four weeks or more can apply for our Home Delivery service. The Parker Library’s home delivery program brings library materials to Dracut patrons up to 2 times a month. Library staff will select books and other material according to your preferences, and then send trained volunteers right to your door to deliver and retrieve them.

More details and an application for this service are in our Home Delivery Brochure.

If you are interested in becoming a Home Delivery Volunteer, please submit the application section for volunteers in the above brochure.

Home Delivery service and volunteer applications may be mailed or emailed to the Library, or returned in person, to the attention of Melissa Ryan at:

Parker Memorial Library
28 Arlington Street
Dracut, MA 01826

Applications can also submitted online using the forms below. Click here to jump to the volunteer application form.

We will contact you after receiving and approving your application.

Home Delivery Application

Please enter a number from 20000000000000 to 29999999999999.
We can send up to six items each delivery.
Preferred Formats(Required)
Favorite Authors
Fiction preferences
Check as many as you like, or leave blank if you only want non-fiction.
Non-fiction topics of interest
List up to three, or leave blank if you only want fiction.


Home Delivery Volunteer Application


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