Get a Library Card

Card Eligibility and Registration

Dracut Library CardA library card should be applied for at least 30 minutes before the closing of the Library.
Youth must be at least 5 years old, and those under 16 years of age must have the permission of their parent or guardian.

To register for a library card, a Dracut resident needs to:

  • Present a current valid driver’s license with a current Dracut address OR a current valid government issued photo ID with a current Dracut address

If neither a driver’s license or a government-issued photo ID with a current Dracut address can be presented:

  • Present a current valid driver’s license OR a government-issued photo ID AND present one of the following with a current Dracut address:
    • property tax bill
    • car registration
    • excise tax bill
    • renter’s lease
    • utility bill
    • postmarked mail

Out of State Patrons

Patrons living out of state may apply for a Local Use Only card. A Local Use Only card will allow a patron to borrow materials and Museum Passes from the Parker Memorial Library only. Requests for items from other libraries cannot be filled.

Current valid ID/driver’s license with current address listed OR current valid ID/driver’s license AND proof of residence is required (see above for items accepted as proof of residence).

Library eCard

An eCard is a Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC) library card that allows you immediate access to electronic resources, such as e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines, streaming music and video, and databases.

This eCard is for patrons who do not already have an MVLC library card.

You are eligible to apply for an MVLC library eCard if you:

  • are a resident of Massachusetts, and
  • do not currently have a library card from an MVLC member library.

Complete the online application here.

BPL ecard

Massachusetts residents have access to ebooks through the Boston Public Library. You may apply for a card through this link.

Lost Card

If a Parker Memorial Library card is lost, a patron may apply for a new card by showing valid identification, paying a non-refundable replacement fee, and clearing any existing fines on their account.


To borrow materials or access their account in Dracut, residents of Dracut or other Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC) communities need to:

  • Provide a library card from their city or town of residence
  • Present a valid driver’s license with current address OR a current valid government-issued ID with a current address
  • Children who do not have their library card may not check out materials
  • The Library assumes that the person using a library card is the owner of that card or has the permission of the owner to use the card

Material Borrowing Period, Borrowing Limit, and Renewals

  Material Borrowing Period Borrowing Limit Renewals
Print Books 3 weeks Unlimited** Twice
Audiobooks/Playaways 3 weeks Unlimited Twice
Music CDs 3 weeks Unlimited Twice
Magazines 1 week Variable No
DVDs 1 week Unlimited Once
HOT DVDs 3 days 3 per patron No
Binge Boxes 2 weeks 2 per family No
Video Games 2 weeks Unlimited No
Civics & Citizen Toolkit 3 weeks 1 per family Twice
Library of Things Items 2 weeks 2 different items with the exception of Cakepans & Launchpads No

**We ask that patrons check out only a reasonable number of books on a single subject at one time. The Library reserves the right to limit items on the same topic. After the 9 week borrowing period a returned item must be shelved before being taken out again. It must remain on the shelf for 24 hours before being taken out by the patron that just returned the item. An item is only renewable if no holds exist on the item.

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