The Library Renewal Line

LibRenewLineAt MVLC, we believe that your local library is the gateway to a world of opportunity: education, entertainment, community engagement, and so much more! In this spirit, we’re happy to offer MVLC library cardholders an additional way to connect you with your local library: the Library Renewal Line!

Using the Library Renewal Line is easy – all you need is your library card number!

Card Back

Simply dial 978-683-3175 to access the following:
Account Options Press 2, then enter your library card barcode followed by the pound (#) key. You will be prompted to select one of the following:

  1. Renewals: allows for phone renewals of items checked out on your library card
  2. Holds: provides a list of holds awaiting pickup at the library and those waiting to be filled
  3. Account status: provides a count of checkouts and holds on your library card, as well as a total of existing bills
  4. List of loans/holds: provides a complete lists of checkouts (with the option to renew) and holds, including hold status and the option to cancel existing holds
  5. Change recorded name: allows you to record your name as you wish it to be spoken when you dial into the Library Renewal Line
  6. Access different account: prompts you to type in a new library card number to access another account

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