Sensitive Subjects by Location

  • Sensitive Subjects by Location

We are here to help, but we know that some subjects are difficult for you to ask us about. The Brookline Public Library created this list, which they are allowing us to share, to help you with whatever you are going through.

At the Parker Memorial Library these subjects can be found in the Non-Fiction section on the 2nd floor. Please feel free to ask for general directions or specific locations of materials at the Reference Desk, also on the 2nd floor.


Abortion 363.46
Birth Control 613.9
Cancer 616.99
Child Abuse 362.76
Depression 616.85
Divorce 306.89
Domestic Violence 362.82
Drug Addiction 362.29
Eating Disorders 616.85
Finances 332
Grieving 155.937
Gun Violence 363.33
Homelessness 362.5
Immigration 325.1
LGBTQIA+ 306.76
Mental Illness 616.89
Personal Health 613
Pregnancy 612.6
Race Issues 305.56 / 305.8
Rape & Sexual Assault 362.88
Sexually Transmitted Diseases 616.95
Suicide 362.28


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