Free Sock Snowman Craft!

January Take-Home Craft



Limited quantities of this month’s craft will be available via phone reservation beginning January 8th.

Spend some time making this adorable Sock Snowman! You get the rice & we’ll provide the sock. Young and old alike will love this little guy!

Supplies Included:

1 White Sock


Fabric for Scarf


Orange Pipe Cleaner nose

Blue Snowflake

You Will Need:


1 Cup of Rice


Black Marker


  1. Cut the sock in two (a little more than halfway). Save the open half for the hat.
  2. Roll down the top of your sock and add the rice (we inserted an empty toilet paper roll to do this. You could also put it in a cup and roll the sides down over the top).
  3. Tie a knot in the sock just over the rice. Trim off any extra sock material over the knot.
  4. Tie the string around the sock to create the head and body.
  5. To make the hat, roll the top 2 times for the brim. You can leave it long or cut it shorter. Tie some string around the end to make the tip of the hat (we cut strips in the end and trimmed it to look like a pompom).
  6. Draw a face with black marker.
  7. Tie on the scarf, glue on the buttons, snowflake, and the nose.

We would love to see your finished crafts! Send a photo to Cheryl Salem at csalem@dracutlibrary.org

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