Letters about Literature in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Center for the Book announces the launch of the 2020-21 state-based Letters About Literature program. We are pleased to continue this flagship reading and writing initiative for young people as they begin their school year with many open questions.

For more than twenty years, we have invited students from Grades 4 to 12 to write letters to authors about works that have made an impact on them. There may be a personal connection to the theme of the books or — this year — students may have found a welcome insight into (or diversion from) the disruptions through which we are currently living.

As always, we look forward to receiving thoughtful letters from students around the Commonwealth that confirm they are reading passionately, thinking deeply, and writing articulately about what is on their minds.

Letters may be submitted individually by students or by teachers, librarians, and writing centers. Entries will be accepted online or in hardcopy from October 1, 2020 until January 15, 2021.

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