Talking With Kids About Diversity

  • Talking With Kids About Diversity

Racism is in the news. The Library knows that parents are looking for ways to talk to their children about racism and the importance of diversity. The following titles should foster a discussion with about these topics with your children.

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Carole Boston Weatherford

Describes Tubman's spiritual journey as she hears the voice of God guiding her north to freedom on that very first trip to escape the brutal practice of forced servitude. Tubman would make nineteen subsequent trips back south, never being caught

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Coretta Scott

Ntozake Shange

Walking many miles to school in the dusty road, young Coretta knew, too well, the unfairness of life in the segregated south. A yearning for equality began to grow. Together with Martin Luther King, Jr., she gave birth to a vision and a journey—wit

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When We Were Alone

David Robertson

When a young girl helps tend to her grandmother's garden, she begins to notice things that make her curious. Why does her grandmother have long, braided hair and beautifully coloured clothing? Why does she speak another language and spend so muc

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When I Was Eight

Christy Jordan-Fenton, Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, Gabrielle Grimard

Looks at the experiences of a strong-willed young Inuit girl who receives permission from her father to travel to a residential religious school run by non-Inuit outsiders, where she struggles to adapt to the new way of living.

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Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

Vashti Harrison

This beautifully illustrated book introduces reader of all ages to 40 women who changed the world. Featuring forty trailblazing black women in American history, Little Leaders educates and inspires as it relates true stories of breaking boundaries an

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Nikki Giovanni

She had not sought this moment but she was ready for it. When the policeman bent down to ask "Auntie, are you going to move?" all the strength of all the people through all those many years joined in her. She said, "No." An inspir

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I Am Not a Number

Jenny Kay Dupuis, Kathy Kacer

When eight-year-old Irene is removed from her First Nations family to live in a residential school she is confused, frightened, and terribly homesick. She tries to remember who she is and where she came from, despite the efforts of the nuns who are i

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What’s Diversity?

David Anthony

Why are some people afraid of those who are different from them, and why do others believe diversity so important? As readers explore the answers to these and other questions about diversity, they're encouraged to form their own opinions about t

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Let the Children March

Monica Clark-Robinson

Coretta Scott King Honor Award for Illustration2019 I couldn't play on the same playground as the white kids. I couldn't go to their schools. I couldn't drink from their water fountains. There were so many things I couldn't do. In

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Hell Fighters

Michael L. Cooper

Describes the experiences of African Americans who joined the military during World War I and their fights against both the Germans and racism.

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Whoever You Are

Mem Fox

Despite the differences between people around the world, there are similarities that join us together, such as pain, joy, and love.

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The Journey

Sheila Hamanaka

Text and photographed details of a mural depict the history of the Japanese people in America.

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Mr. Pig's Big Wall

Glenn Hernandez

A timely picture book about the consequences of building walls both for the people being kept out, and for those trapping themselves inside. Hog works hard as a bricklayer during the day, and when he comes home from work all he wants to do is tend to

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Kids Around the World Celebrate!

Lynda Jones

Introduces a variety of festivals celebrated around the world. Includes recipes and hands-on activities to give a taste of what it is like to be part of a feast or ceremony in another country.

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Show Me a Sign

Ann Clare LeZotte

It is 1805 and Mary Lambert has always felt safe among the deaf community of Chilmark on Martha's Vineyard where practically everyone communicates in a shared sign language, but recent events have shattered her life; her brother George has died,

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We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands

Children of all ages are invited to a bright and colorful multicultural celebration with We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands!

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Sister Anne's Hands

Marybeth Lorbiecki, K. Wendy Popp

Seven-year-old Anna has her first encounter with racism in the 1960s when an African American nun comes to teach at her parochial school.

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Wil Mara

Presents a brief look at the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

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What Was the Underground Railroad?

Yona Zeldis McDonough, Who HQ

"No one knows where the term "Underground Railroad" came from--there were no trains or tracks, only abolitionist "conductors" who helped bring an estimated 100,000 slaves to freedom through elaborate routes that included &quo

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The New Neighbors

Sarah McIntyre

As young rabbit siblings excitedly share the news that rats have moved into their building, worried neighbors inform them that rats are dirty, thieving, and destructive--but are they?

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Color Me Dark

Pat McKissack

Eleven-year-old Nellie Lee Love records in her diary the events of 1919, when her family moves from Tennessee to Chicago, hoping to leave the racism and hatred of the South behind.

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You Can Respect Differences

Connie Colwell Miller

In this illustrated choose-your-own-ending book, Ben is uncomfortable when he meets Aisha, a girl in a wheelchair. Will Ben make assumptions or find out more about her? Readers make choices for Ben and read what happens next, with each story path lea

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Tales Alive!

Susan Milord, Michael A. Donato

Retells ten folktales from around the world with hands-on-activities that bring each tale to life.

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Down to the Last Out, The Journal of Biddy Owens, The Negro Leagues

Walter Dean Myers

Newbery and Coretta Scott King award-winning author Walter Dean Myers's baseball story THE JOURNAL OF BIDDY OWENS is now available in paperback, with an exciting repackaging! Seventeen-year-old Biddy Owens is part of the Birmingham Black Barons

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Where Are You From?

Yamile Saied Méndez

This resonant picture book tells the story of one girl who constantly gets asked a simple question that doesn’t have a simple answer. A great conversation starter in the home or classroom—a book to share, in the spirit of I Am Enough by Grace Bye

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Somewhere a Bell Is Ringing

Barbara Nye

An illustrated bedtime story in rhyming couplets about the interconnectedness of life on Earth

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Prairie Lotus

Linda Sue Park

In Dakota Territory in the 1880s, half-Chinese Hanna and her white father face racism and resistance to change as they try to make a home for themselves. Includes author's note.

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Never Stop Singing

Denise Lewis Patrick

A Good Kind of Trouble

Lisa Moore Ramee

From debut author Lisa Moore Ramée comes this funny and big-hearted debut middle grade novel about friendship, family, and standing up for what's right, perfect for fans of Angie Thomas's The Hate U Give and the novels of Renée Watson and

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Black Brother, Black Brother

Jewell Parker Rhodes

Suspended unjustly from elite Middlefield Prep, Donte Ellison studies fencing with a former champion, hoping to put the racist fencing team captain in his place.

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What’s Racism?

Amy B. Rogers

Racism is a difficult issue to face, but people must confront it if they hope to move beyond it. Confronting challenging social issues such as racism often begins with education. As readers discover the roots of racism in America and how it still iso

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Genesis Begins Again

Alicia D. Williams

A Newbery Honor Book Winner of the Correta Scott King - John Steptoe for New Talent Author Award A Morris Award Finalist An NPR Favorite Book of 2019 A School Library Journal Best Middle Grade Book of 2019 A Kirkus Reviews Best Middle Grade Book of 2

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Holy Enchilada!

Henry Winkler

Efforts to impress a visiting student from Japan cause Hank to hide his dyslexia while the gang makes enchiladas for a Multi-Cultural Day lunch, and Hank is afraid he was very wrong about the amount of chili powder called for in the recipe.

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The Day You Begin

Jacqueline Woodson

Jacqueline Woodson is the 2018-2019 National Ambassador for Young People's Literature National Book Award winner Jacqueline Woodson and two-time Pura Belpré Illustrator Award winner Rafael López have teamed up to create a poignant, yet hearten

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