Paper Plate Jack O’Lantern

  • Paper Plate Jack O’Lantern

Paper Plate Jack O'Lanterns

Take Home Craft: Paper Plate Jack O’Lanterns


Paper Plate Jack O’Lantern Craft Kits are now available at the Parker Library Main Desk.

All you need is scissors, orange paint, tape, and glue.  Everything else is included.

First Come, First Serve!  (Numbers are limited.)  One kit per family, please!



Included:                                                          You will need:

Paper plates                                                    Orange Paint

Green pipe cleaners                                        Scissors

Tea Light Candles                                            Glue

(battery operated)                                            Tape



  1. Paint the back of the paper plates orange.
  2. Let the paint dry before moving to the next step.
  3. Place the paper plates on top of each other. Cut a straight line for the base.
  4. Draw the pumpkin face on the white side of the paper plate.
  5. Cut it out. For easiest cutting, punch a hole (with pencil or similar) through the center of mouth, eyes and nose and use the hole as the starting point for cutting.
  6. Curl up a pipe cleaner and tape it inside the top of one paper plate.
  7. Apply glue along the edge of one of the paper plates. Do not apply glue along the cut at the bottom.
  8. Place the other paper plate on top and wait for the glue to dry. You can use clothespins, or paperclips to secure the paper plates while the glue dries.
  9. Push the tea light candle inside the opening at the bottom. You can secure it with some tape or glue if you like.



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