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The following list contains print resources available throughout the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC) about addiction. The titles listed here are either Adult or Young Adult titles. Juvenile titles dealing with drugs and addiction are not included in this list.  Please see a librarian for further resources.

Opiate Addiction - The Painkiller Addiction Epidemic, Heroin Addiction and the Way Out

Taite Adams

This text provides facts and personal experiences about opiate addiction and recovery. The resource provides answers to questions, helps allay fears and provides direction for help, treatment and recovery.

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Overcoming Opioid Addiction

Adam Bisaga, Karen Chernyaev

From a leading addiction expert, a desperately needed medical guide to understanding, treating, and finally defeating opioid use disorder Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50, claiming more lives than th

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Breaking the Cycle of Opioid Addiction

Uwe Blesching

An evidence-based guide to using cannabis to enhance pain relief safely, effectively, and economically while reducing the risks of opioid addiction Opioid addiction has exploded to epidemic proportions in the U.S. Drug overdose is now the leading cau

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Off the Rails

Susan Burrowes

In this eye-opening book about treating teen addiction, fifteen-year-old Hannah and her mother, Susan, share in their own words the raw and honest realities of their family's struggles, the controversial treatment programs they tried, and their

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Saving Jake

D'Anne Burwell

D'Anne Burwell's smart, athletic son-raised in a loving and prosperous home-begins abusing OxyContin as a teenager, and within a year drops out of college, walks out of rehab, and lands homeless on the streets of Boulder. Struggling with fe

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Causes of Drug Use

Michael Centore

Humans have been using various drugs to alter their moods and thoughts for thousands of years. Why do we do it? And what makes a particular person vulnerable to addiction? What can be done to stop problems with drug use before they start? Causes of D

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Drug Use and the Family

Michael Centore

We often think of drug addiction as something that happens to an individual. That's true, but addiction is also something that happens to an entire family. Sometimes it's parents who are emotionally and financially drained by looking after

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Addiction Recovery

Diana Clark

Addiction can be a launching pad. Healing brings addicts and alcoholics closer to living life with integrity, self-reflection, and in service to others. This journey from addiction to fully functional adult is called recovery. Simply defined, recover

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Drogas Mi Hijo Consume! Que Hacer?

Vincenzo Di Pede

Este libro, escrito por un medico psiquiatra experto en el rea, constituye una herramienta esencial para quien desee ayudar a una persona en situacin de drogodependencia. El autor explica como lograr salir de la codependencia a fin de poder apoyar ef

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The East Side of Addiction

James DiReda, Henry Grosse, Jack Maroney

"The East Side of Addiction is an altogether real and gritty depiction of a middle class neighborhood's descent into addiction and the collateral damage suffered by their families and the community at large. The book narrates an "Again

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Chronic Pain and Prescription Painkillers

Grace Ferguson

Prescription opioids such as oxycodone and hydrocodone are highly effective for treating chronic pain, but they also have severe side effects, including significant potential for abuse. The misuse and abuse of prescription painkillers has become a se

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Addiction and Overdose

Connie Goldsmith

Drug overdosing and death from prescription painkillers and heroin are at epidemic levels in the United States. How do people become addicted and why? Discover the social and economic costs of overdosing and about research and efforts to decrease it.

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This Is Your Country on Drugs

Ryan Grim

Everything we know about drugs-from acid to epidemics to DARE and salvia-turns out to be wrong Stock up on munchies and line up your water bottles: journalist Ryan Grim will take you on a cross-country tour of illicit drug use in the U.S.-from the ag

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Never Enough

Judith Grisel

From a renowned behavioral neuroscientist and recovered drug addict, this is the authoritative and accessible guide to understanding drug addiction that we've been waiting for: clearly explained brain science and vivid personal stories combine t

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I Am Addicted to Drugs. Now What?

Tracy Brown Hamilton

This book helps readers navigate the warning signs of addiction and how to cope with overcoming it. Includes resources and destigmatizes the disease so that users can find the proper help and support they need to break their dependency and stay sober

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Being Sober

Harry Haroutunian

**As Featured on The Dr. Oz Show in Special Addiction Episode with Steven Tyler** The disease of addiction affects 1 out of 10 people in the United States, and is a devastating--often, fatal--illness. Now, from the physician director of the renowned

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Not As Prescribed

Harry Haroutunian

The leading clinical expert on substance misuse and abuse, Dr. Harry Haroutunian of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, provides caregivers and loved ones with vital information needed to understand and address addiction issues in older adults. Drug

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Gene M. Heyman

Argues that drug addiction is not a disease but a voluntary choice of an individual.

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Kevin P Hill

The leading clinical expert on marijuana sifts through the myths about the drug to deliver an unbiased, comprehensive guide backed by scientific facts to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about marijuana. Marijuana--or weed

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Les Iversen

The twentieth century saw a remarkable upsurge of research on drugs, with major advances in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections, heart disease, stomach ulcers, cancer, and metal illnesses. These, along with the introduction of the oral co

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No More Letting Go

Debra Jay

Offers ways that families and friends of drug addicts can take action, bringing together spiritual wisdom, research into the effects of addiction on the brain and body, and anecdotes to emphasize the need for intervention.

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A Common Struggle

Patrick J. Kennedy, Stephen Fried

Patrick J. Kennedy, the former congressman and youngest child of Senator Ted Kennedy, opens up about his personal and political battle with mental illness and addiction for the first time. This candid memoir focuses on the years from his 'coming

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Drug Dealer, MD

Anna Lembke

Three out of four people addicted to heroin probably started on a prescription opioid, according to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the United States alone, 16,000 people die each year as a result of prescription op

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Mastering the Addicted Brain

Walter Ling

For anyone trying to overcome an addiction, living with someone with an addiction, or helping someone with an addiction As most drug and alcohol addicts eventually realize, good intentions alone aren?t enough to break destructive habits. However, add

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Fighting for Space

Travis Lupick

Winner, George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature Finalist, Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize (BC Book Prizes) North America is in the grips of a drug epidemic. While deaths across the continent soar, Travis Lupick's Fighting for Spa

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Pill Head

Joshua Lyon

This compelling, honest book investigates the growing epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse among today's Generation Rx. Through gripping profiles and heartbreaking confessions, this memoir dares to uncover the reality--the addiction, the wi

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Helping a Friend with a Drug Problem

Precious McKenzie

Even more so than family, friends are able to influence each other’s recovery from drug addiction, but to do so requires a thorough understanding of the situation. Readers will learn the signs of abuse for various drugs, along with reasons for abus

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Marijuana and Synthetics

John Perritano

Marijuana has been controversial for a long time. Some point out that marijuana is safer than other legal drugs and even has medical benefits for particular illnesses. Others worry about the drug's "gateway" potential and the potential

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John Perritano

Drugs that are derived from (or mimic the effects of) the poppy are some of humanity's oldest and most powerful. In fact, opiate drugs were the main tools of doctors for centuries. Unfortunately, misuse of opiates has reached epidemic levels, de

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When Painkillers Become Dangerous

Drew Pinsky, Marvin D. Seppala, Robert J. Meyers

A timely guide to the misuse and abuse of prescription painkillers that sorts the facts from the fiction for legitimate users and their loved ones. If you are concerned about a loved one's use of pain medications, you need to read this book, Whe

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Sam Quinones

An explosive true account of addiction, marketing and the making of an epidemic weaves together the story of Purdue Pharma's campaign to market OxyContin, while, at the same time, a massive influx of black tar heroin took the county by storm thr

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Prescription Narcotics

Paul R. Sanberg, Michael D. Bunsey

Explores the use of prescription narcotics, the risks and consequences of addiction, and current treatments.

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Thinking Simply About Addiction

Richard Sandor

This profound yet practical guide by a veteran recovery professional goes further than any other book in pinpointing why addictions are so tenacious, how we all suffer from them to a greater or lesser extent, and the true, time-tested steps toward fr

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Here to Help

Jason M. Scholl

Here to Help: A Guide to Overcoming Opiate and Heroin Addiction is the ultimate tool for educating and guiding addicts considering, or working toward sobriety. With opiate addiction on the rise, so is the demand for practical assistance in overcoming

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The Addiction Solution

Lloyd Sederer

A groundbreaking, “timely and well-written” (Booklist, starred review) guide to addiction from a psychiatrist and public health doctor, offering practical, proven solutions for individuals, families, and communities dealing with substance use and

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Erica Spiegelman

A REVOLUTIONARY NEW APPROACH TO ADDICTION RECOVERY FROM AN ADDICTION EXPERT Rewired is a new, breakthrough approach to fighting addiction and self-damaging behavior by acknowledging our personal power to bring ourselves back from the brink. Centered

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Susan Stellin, Graham MacIndoe

In this powerful memoir of addiction, prison, and recovery, a reporter and a photographer tell their gripping story of falling in love, the heroin habit that drove them apart, and the unlikely way a criminal conviction brought them back together. Boo

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The Addiction Spectrum

Paul Thomas, M.D., Jennifer Margulis, PhD

"If anyone you know is struggling with addiction—or if you think you might have a problem—you want to read this book.”—GARTH STEIN, bestselling author of The Art of Racing in the Rain "a proven, comprehensive program that compassion

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Preventing and Treating Addiction

Xina M. Uhl

Abuse of opioid drugs has become an epidemic in the United States, claiming victims of all ages and social backgrounds. The effects of drug addiction on individuals, families, and society at large are staggering. Now, more than ever, there is a need

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Painkillers: Prescription Dependency

Ida Walker

Statistics on drug use show that abuse is decreasing. That's the good news. But there's bad news as well: the abuse of prescription drugs is increasing. Among the most abused prescription medications are painkillers, something many people h

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Addiction Treatment: Escaping the Trap

Ida Walker

In the United States and Canada, millions of individuals have problems with substance abuse. In some cases the problems are relatively minor, but in others, that abuse leads to addiction. Addiction is a serious and costly disease. In Addiction Treatm

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Out of It

Stuart Walton

“Who will ever relate the whole history of narcotica? It is almost the history of ‘culture,’ of our so-called higher culture.” —Friedrich Nietzsche, 1882 With Nietzsche’s question as his objective, Stuart Walton begins Out of It: A Cultur

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A Parent's Guide to Teen Addiction

Westreich, Laurence M.

From Berkeley to the Bronx, teenage addiction has reached epidemic levels. Parents may suspect their teen’s substance use, but often don’t know if their teen is addicted or what to do about it. Dr. Laurence Westreich, an addiction expert and the

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Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful

Stephanie Wittels Wachs

A memoir of family, addiction, and grief from the sister of Harris Wittels, the Parks and Recreation writer whose death shocked the comedy world. Now in paperback! One phone call. That's all it took to change Stephanie Wittels Wachs's life

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Kick Your Addiction

Frederick Woolverton, Susan Shapiro

Is a smoking, alcohol, food, gambling, Internet, drug, or sex addiction holding you back from getting what you want most? Over the past twenty-five years, renowned addiction therapist Dr. Frederick Woolverton has used his dynamic, empathetic approach

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