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Fall Leaf Banner

  • Fall Leaf Banner

Take Home Craft: Fall Leaf Banner

Fall is here!  Welcome it with a colorful Leaf Banner.

Leaf Banner Craft Kits are now available at the Parker Library Main Desk.

All you need is scissors, tape or a glue stick.  Everything else is included.

First Come, First Serve!  (Numbers are limited.)  One kit per family, please!


Pennant Template

Book Pages


Artificial or pressed leaves

Glue Stick or Glue Gun




  • Using one of the templates provide, cut out pennant shapes from the book pages.
  • Fold down the top portion of each pennant (approx. 1 inch), secure with tape leaving enough space to string your banner.
  • If you are using pressed leaves, see back for pressing instructions.
  • Use a glue stick, glue gun or your favorite adhesive, to attach your leaves to each pennant.
  • String your pennants and hang your lovely fall banner somewhere in your home to add a handmade touch of fall to your decor.

 *Craft idea and instructions from

Pressing Leaves & Flowers

There are several ways to press leaves.

In a book:

  1. Snip stems close to the base, place facedown in a  book.
  2. Close and weight the book, and leave undisturbed for a week to 10 days.

With an iron:

  1. Heat up an iron to the medium setting but be sure to turn the steam setting off.
  2. Place a leaf between two paper towels or thin cloths.
  3. Press the iron down on the leaf. You’ll need to do this for 5-10 minutes, releasing the iron from the leaf every minute or so.

In wax paper:

  1. Place a leaf between two pieces of wax paper.
  2. Put a towel or a piece of thick paper over the wax paper.
  3. Press on the towel or paper with a warm iron to seal the wax sheets together.
  4. Cut around the leaf, leaving a small margin of wax paper to ensure that it will stay sealed.


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